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Learn the real reason why best-selling Author, Professor, Yoga Therapist and Well-Being Scholar Dr. Suzie Carmack founded YogaMedCo in 2018...and why she's been transforming lives ever since.

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Curious about the YogaMedCo Method - and what it's like to become part of our growing community? Hear for yourself in this short-and-sweet video of testimonials.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What Is YogaMedCo?

YogaMedCo is a global platform bringing the practices of yoga, lifestyle medicine and coaching together. We offer products and on demand programs to individuals, organizations and government agencies, and train providers in our method, developed over the past 20 years by our founder Dr. Suzie Carmack.

Why Choose YogaMedCo?

If you are looking for a yoga practice that can be modified and customized for the needs of your mind, body, heart and spirit, you came to the right place. We're on a mission to make yoga safe, affordable and do-able for everyone. We also celebrate and support other yoga businesses dedicated to making the world a happier and healthier place.

Who Is YogaMedCo?

YogaMedCo was founded in 2018 by Dr. Suzie Carmack, a global pioneer in yoga education. Since then, our YogaMedCo community has grown from a small in-person certification training offered in Northern Virginia (near Washington, DC), into a global platform training the public and providers in the YogaMedco method. We welcome people of all ages, sizes, gender identities, and capabilities - and believe that yoga is a practice for the heart, mind, body and spirit that is for EVERY one.

Where Is YogaMedCo?

Our offices are based in Summerville, SC, in the home office of our founder Dr. Suzie Carmack who is supported by a remote team of change agents in U.S. and Australia. We also have an alumni network of over 400 providers on 5 continents trained in our method - and we are just getting started!

How Does YogaMedCo Give Back?

Our founder is dedicated to tithing 10% of our proceeds to advancing health and well-being of the world. In just 5 years we have given over $60,000 in scholarships to under-represented populations, and we have made the largest gift-ever to the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (to support their efforts to promote the profession).